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Aether’s advisory services include modeling, assessments, and benchmarking. Aether provides recommendations and expert advice based upon quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition to advisory services, Aether gives presentations to executive committees and boards, conducts meeting facilitation, offers coaching and training sessions, and provides interim leadership.    

Consulting &


Aether offers advisory services when clients require additional expertise. Advisory services are beneficial for special projects, when there are temporary resource constraints, or when there are pressing deadlines. 


Aether's scope of work will define the project scope, the objectives, and the deliverables. During the assignment, Aether works closely with the client’s project team and provides frequent updates.


Deliverables can take the form of a model, quantitative or qualitative analysis, an audit review, a formal report, and/or presentation. Aether has experience presenting to executive risk committees, boards of directors, commission staff, commissioners and elected officials, as well as utility customers and stakeholders.


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Coaching & Facilitation


Aether provides coaching and facilitation services to help clients work with groups that have diverse interest and backgrounds. Coaching can help clients develop internal expertise as well as offer professional development opportunities to employees.  


Aether coaches through educational organizations such as Willamette University and the Northwest Public Power Association. Aether also offers on-site coaching for clients with specific training requests. 


Additionally, Aether provides facilitation services to help groups work together toward a final goal.  Aether has facilitated complex group projects with representatives from different parts of the organization as well as external stakeholders. Aether has also assisted executive teams working with their boards to advance a strategic plan.


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Aether has served in several interim leadership roles for clients who have a short-term leadership gap. Aether has provided interim leadership at a utility company, a competitive retail marketer, and a global trading company.


At times the gap is because the company is beginning to launch a new business, while at other times a key manager is being tapped for a new role, leaving a vacancy in the former position.   


Aether can step in to provide training and department leadership during the term of the engagement, integrating into the organization. Aether helps clients through the transition period by assuming responsibility for a department on a temporary basis while helping to recruit and train the full-time leader.    


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