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Advisory Services 

Aether's consultants understand the host of challenges that utility leaders face in the rapidly changing environment.  Use Aether's advisory services to bring new perspectives, industry insights, and emerging trends' impacts. 

Augment internal resources with Aether's collaborative consulting team.


Advisory services are customized to suit your needs. In the areas of strategy and risk management, Aether has helped clients succcessfully: 


-  Complete board-directed assignments

-  Manage internal projects 

-  Assess operations and provide suggestions 

-  Conduct a gap analysis / define requirements

-  Build models and analyze results 

-  Write reports, plans, and whitepapers

Present recommendations to executives / boards 

-  Provide post-project training to your staff

-  Provide interim department leadership

-  Help hire and onboard new managers





Use Aether to connect with your board, employees, stakeholders, and business partners. Well-facilitated meetings let you actively participate and make everyone "at the table" part of the solution.  Achieve greater support and engagement for your initiatives, using Aether's facilitation expertise.

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