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Strategy Development 



Too often, strategy is developed by a small core team within an organization. But as the energy industry becomes increasingly complex, organizations need their entire leadership team to think strategically. But, most organizations’ managers are tactical planners, focusing on short-term solutions consistent with direction from “the top”. 


Aether helps organizations develop their strategic plans and coaches its managers to become strategic thinkers. Through Aether’s guidance, the organization develops internal capabilities to complete strategy formulation and develop strategic initiatives. Aether helps organizations engage staff, management, board members, customers and other stakeholders in strategy development. 

Strategy Implementation



Regardless of how strong or innovative the strategy is, it only becomes relevant when it is implemented well.  Many organizations fail to delegate, define decisional rights, engage in change management, or help employees find a line of sight to the corporate strategy.  These can lead to failed implementations, which can be difficult to correct.

Aether helps managers develop implementation plans that include timeline, critical path items, action items,  major deliverables, budget, resources, progress reports, and targets consistent with success factors.  Thoughtful implementation planning will help management deliver a strong value proposition to customers and owners.

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