Market Data Links


Aether gathers industry and market data from a wide variety of sources from which it conducts its analysis. Aether developed this “Market Links” section as a source for clients to easily search industry databases and information sources.   


For assistance with technical market analysis, visit: 



For more on fundamental market analysis, visit:


EIA Natural Gas Storage 

EIA Weekly Natural Gas Report

NOAA 6-10 Day Temperature and Precipitation

EIA Electric Monthly Report

NYMEX Natural Gas Prices

Wholesale Power Prices (EIA/ICE)



Most of Aether’s work is confidential and proprietary, developed for its clients. However, in order to provide potential clients additional background information about Aether, this section includes several illustrative publications covering strategy and risk management topics.

Click links below to view respective PDF documents:

What Can a Risk Manager Do During a Pandemic?

Four Steps to Successfully Implement Your Strategic Plan

Should Your Utility Establish a Risk Tolerance

How to Rank Enterprise Risks

Risk Indicators To Track Risk Exposures

Risk Interdependencies

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