• Wondering what you can do in enterprise risk management during and after COVID-19? See the article posted in the Publications page and join Aether's Managing Partner Julie Ryan in a webinar she's presenting for Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) on May 7, 2020 at 10 am. "What Can A Risk Manager Do During a Pandemic?"

  • Ms. Ryan will be teaching a four part webinar series board "Audit Committee Basics" for NWPPA during May 2020.  Learn how your organization can benefit from establishing a subcommittee of the board to delve into audit and financial matters.

  • Are you looking for an overview of the electric utility business? Sign up for "Electric Utility Business Fundamentals", a six part webinar series that Ms. Ryan is teaching for NWPPA. Appropriate for people new to the industry or long-timers looking for a refresher. The series will cover a wide range of topics about the utility's business model, the broader grid, and how the utility serves customers. Check their Training site for in-person programs to be held later this year.

  • Mr. Ryan is the program director for the accredited Utility Management Certificate program at Willamette University's Portland Center. Please contact her if you'd like to attend the 2020 session. It will be held at the University's Portland Center in the Pearl District.  Open to employees from natural gas, electric, and water utilities. 








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