Risk Management Lessons Learned 

Take a fresh perspective on your risk management program, as we transition to a new normal. For more ideas on how to do this, read Aether's article, "ERM Planning in a New Normal".  Contact us if you want to explore how Aether can work with your organization with post-Covid 19 risk analysis and planning.  Or join Ms. Ryan's virtual workshop on January 12, hosted by Northwest Public Power Association, titled "​Utility Risk Planning: Past, Present, and Future".

Developing Your Department’s Strategic Plan

Organizations find that corporate level strategic plans are far more successful when supported by, and executed through, department strategic planning. Further, strong department strategic planning better aligns workgroups to the utility’s vision, mission, and strategic goals, as department leaders can provide a critical line of sight for employees.


This class is offered through NWPPA and is designed so that attendees apply strategic planning principles to areas in which they have direct experience- their departments. 


Ms. Ryan also provides customized strategic planning to organizations through consulting and coaching services.  Contact us for more information about the regional classes or customized offerings. ​ 

NWPPA Board of Trustees


Julie Ryan serves on the Board of Trustees of the Northwest Public Power Association as an Associate Advisor (representing ~ 350 Associate members), effective September 2020. 











Electric Utility Business Fundamentals


This program is taught by Julie Ryan and held regularly by the Northwest Public Power Association as a regional  online and in-person class. The content covers generation, transmission and distribution; emerging utility trends; regulation and rates; utility finance;  customer engagement, and workforce topics. Ms. Ryan can tailor this for specific utilities, for in-house training.  For more information on regional classes or customized in-house programs, contact us.



Utility Management Certificate Program October and November 2022 

The two-week UMC program is held the first full week in October and the first full week in November.  This leadership development offering is a certificated program, hosted through Willamette University's business school. Attendees can also earn graduate school credit. 


Ms. Ryan is the program director and she teaches strategy.  Contact us if you are interested in reserving a spot for yourself or a colleague.  Or download the application from the UMC website.




This non-profit organization is changing the face of technology leadership to be more inclusive of women of color, by providing access to education, career building skills, and support for early- to mid-career women.  Julie Ryan serves on the Board of Directors.  Click here to learn more about TecHive